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Where are Toads found?

Toads are found in Arizona, Colorado and North Mexico.

Do you use actual toads for training?

Yes we do. However they are carefully controlled so that contact with the dogs is minimized.

Please keep in mind there are always risks, as the dog needs to be allowed to see and smell the toad for the training to be successful.

How successful is the training?

Depending on the circumstances, results range from very successful to failure.

Difference between success and failure
To better understand this, please read this page!

Can any dog be trained?

Most dogs can be trained.

Dogs that experience difficulty are those that are not leash trained, display aggression or display highly insecure behaviors. Please note that we are not responsible for training your dog to be obedient. If we are unable to train your dog due to their behavior, you will still be charged for the session.

Furthermore, if your dog fails to show any interest in the toad, there is little we can do about it.

For the avoidance training process to work, your dog must show some willingness to approach the toad. Dogs with a high prey drive generally do better at training, but of course they are more at risk as well.

Will it hurt my dog?

The electronic collar we use will NOT injure your dog.

However, we expect your dog to yelp and jump when they receive the "nick" from the collar.

Please understand for MOST dogs, this behavior is a spontaneous fright based reaction to the collar, and is not associated with any pain.

For some dogs, those with a high pain tolerance, or a high prey or predatory drive, it may be necessary to use a higher level of stimulus in order to "overpower" this drive. Note these dogs are the highest risk, as they develop a tunnel vision response that often leads to them suppressing the training.

Are the dogs exposed to danger or poison?

There is risk in anything we do. WHile the collar is extremely unlikely to injure your dog, they may well slip or hurt themselves while running away. In rare cases a dog may also bite its tongue.

We are very proud of the fact that in more than 10,000 dogs trained in snake avoidance training, we have only seen a few injuries, all from "flight" response or running away.

What does training cost?

Training is not expensive. Group rates are also available, as well as package deals.

Click here to see the latest pricing.

How do I sign up for training?

Call us at 480 595 6700, or email our office.

Classes are generally run once a week during season (June to August) and once a month out of season.

We look forward to helping you and your dog become safer pets.


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