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A note about Testimonials. We at Partners Dog Training School pride ourselves on being the most widely recommended school in Arizona. Over the past 30 years we have been hired by everyone from vets to dog rescue groups; from Search & Rescue to law enforcement.

We have worked with tens of thousands of dogs; as this is what we love.

We have trained, and continue to train, dogs belonging to athletes (and few owners) of the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Coyotes, Arizona Diamondbacks and Arizona Cardinals. We have worked with PGA golfers, racing drivers, movie stars, presidential candidates, professional tennis players, and others. Many of these have trained with us for years, and continue to do send their dogs to us for remedial training or boarding.

Privacy Policy: Out of respect for their privacy we do not disclose names publicly. If you visit our facility you can ask about them, maybe see pictures and even occasionally see them. We do not allow autographs or personal pictures with these public figures.

It should be emphasized everyone is treated with the same respect, care and attention. Every dog and every student is what we care about, and you can expect the same quality service no matter who you are!

We encourage you to visit our school personally; see a class in action, and talk to the students.

Partners Dog Training is not just a Toad Avoidance Training School.

We also work with behaviorally challenged dogs

We take on all problem issues, from aggression to barking to fighting

We modify behavior of dogs that have been abandoned

We teach dogs in Personal Protection

We train basic as well as competitive agility clases

And of course, we board and train dogs for people going on vacation.

Check out our Testimonials on KUDZU
The following are from many of the different training services we offer

J Schwartz (From Kudzu)
I am a first time dog owner and I need all the help I can get!
I have taken a number of classes at Partners and my dog loved agility! She enjoys the obstacles and can't wait to go on Saturdays. The instructors have so much patience and explain everything in detail.
It is a wonderful class and I highly recommend it to anyone!

JerMar (From Kudzu)

Our dog needed some behavior modification and Partners was highly recommended. The result has been great and our dog now understands basic obedience and responds rather well to verbal commands. We used, and rating applies to, both the weekly group sessions and the resident training.

Citodare (From Kudzu)
The staff at Partners Dog Training in helping us to understand and correct some behaviors with our Labrador Retriever. They are knowledgeable and consistent in their approach and we have learned a great deal from them.

Fosters Folks (From Kudzu)

We are so impressed with the individualized attention given by the entire staff at Partners. We are now in the Level 3 class with our Golden/Chow Chow and have seen tremendous results for our once dog aggressive canine. We cannot thank Monika, Kolina, Julie, BJ and Stephanie enough for all of the work they have done. We whole heartedly recommend Partners for any training and kennel needs.

Sarah and Michael (Cave Creek AZ)

There's only one place we'd trust with our highly trained German Shepherd, and that's Partners Dog Training.
She is trained better than I am, and the trainers at Partners have worked magic with all our dogs.
Not only are they dedicated to teaching her, but she barks with excitement whenever we enter their school.

John and Wrecks (Scottsdale AZ)

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our dogs progress. Wrecks was extremely dog aggressive and attacked our puppy. After training they are now friends. We cannot get over what a changed dog he is. Thanks to your wonderful staff. We could not have done it without you.

Willy (Siberian Husky) (Cave Creek AZ)

"When I arrived at Partners I was terrified. With patience and kindness from the trainers I learned how to trust. I am now obedient, adoptable and confident around men.

Dr. Ed Miller (Golden Retr) (Scottsdale AZ)
Your training classes were great. We tried other trainers but did not get any results until we brought Zoe to Partners. Snake training also paid off; Zoe alerted us to a snake in our backyard. Thank you!

Ann C (President Siberian Husky Rescue)...
I am very impressed with the persistence and willingness of the Partners Dog Training staff to work through issues at all odds. One dog of ours was almost put down three times. Now he is well socialized, obedient and adoptable.
He is now a joy to be with.

Melissa Atkins says... (Carefree AZ)
You guys are great. You trained my Dobermans well, the trainers are fantastic and it was extremely successful.

Arlene Rosenberg says... (Scottsdale AZ)
Our dog was difficult and spoiled when we got her. You helped to make her a loving and wonderful companion. Thanks!

Carla Countryman says... (Scottsdale AZ)
I have nothing but positive experiences with Partners Dog Training and their trainers. I would never think of taking them anywhere else. I highly recommend their services to all my friends. Their quality and care is exemplary. Their attention to detail is perfect in my eyes. I have been acquainted with them for 4 years and my five pack stays with them twice a year.

Jessica McCann says…

We used Partners for both of our dogs, and while we are still dealing with some things you helped and now we can manage the dogs.

Joan Yagoda says...

Partners has excellent dog training. They are a caring and professional staff – our dog loved coming to school at Partners Dog Training!

Mary Bennett says...

Our dog was a terror before coming to Partners. The training was so beneficial! You taught us how to be better owners and told us to hang in there. Even though we had Labradors for 30 years there was much we had to learn. We even wanted to give up but you encouraged and guided us. Our dog became an awesome dog!

John and Kerri Tishuck say...

It’s been extraordinary to be involved with Partners. The staff, everybody at Partners are more than accommodating and it’s a wonderful facility. It’s been perfect and with the dog it’s been a 100% improvement.

Monti McCall says...

It takes me 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to Partners and I drive there because the school is so good! Especially Monica, and it’s made all the difference.

Rich and Mary Saltzman say...

The experience has been good and we even have older dogs. You can teach an old dog new tricks at Partners Behavioral school.

Joe Phua says….

It’s a very pleasant experience to bring our dog to Partners Dog Training. Our dog has aggression and after 6 weeks we noticed a very big difference. The grounds of the facility are in very good condition for the dogs. The trainers and staff are very professional. We would certainly recommend Partners for anyone.

Leslie & Jessie...(Scottsdale AZ)

What a wonderful gift Partners has been to us. After years of going through charades with each new puppy... we found Partners. My newest kid Jessie is an Australian Shepherd and a real independent thinker. Jessie did her part in camp, and then it was my turn. Jessie was patient with me, she caught on much quicker. We are having a great time learning together, and all the trainers are so nice and patient, and most importantly have a sense of humor!

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